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Shenzhen Xinsheng Innovation Co., Ltd. began in 2016, a leading and professional manufacturer of conductive slip rings in China. We have a large-scale manufacturing base with an independent R&D department and design team, and proceed strict quality control to build a high reputation in the industry. We have been working with multiple corporations overseas with high-quality products and satisfying service.
Our company is located in Shenzhen City, one of the biggest ports and transportation hubs in China, which enjoys a super convenient cargo delivery to countries all over the world.
We can not only manufacture common industrial conductive slip rings, but also offer custom service. Currently, our products range from slip rings with single circuit to 36 circuit, and cover wide range of current like from milliampere to 500 ampere. Voltages from MV to 500V and rotations from 10 to 5million rpm are available.
Xinsheng electronics is dedicated to improve quality and service continuously, but to lower costs and set up the best and favorable price because we truely understand that cost is also a vital factor for all organizations. If you are looking for a long term partner please feel free to email us for more details and we believe you will not be disappointed!

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